Maui Manicure                                      $20

​​The Maui Manicure includes a nail/cuticle soak, professional nail trimming, buffing, and polishing, hand and forearm massage, and a choice of an OPI polish color and nail shape.

Specialty Nails

Maui Royal Pedicure                           $43

In addition to the treatments included in the regular Maui Manicure, the Maui Royal Pedicure also includes an special exfoliating honey-tangerine scrub that is massaged from your calves to your toes. Your skin is then hydrated with our invigorating minty leg masks, which leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Following the mask, a calming warm towel is then applied.

*Includes a longer calf and foot massage and callous removal


Maui Pedicure                                     $33

The Maui Pedicure begins with a soothing soak in our whirlpool spa, followed by a gentle trim, file, and buff. Our pedicurist then exfoliate your feet and massage your calves and feet. It all concludes with your nail color of choice.

Designer Nail Art

Maui Mani & Pedi                                $48

Includes the services from the Maui Manicure and Maui Pedicure.

Maui Mani & Maui Royal Pedi            $58

Absolute Pampering and Relaxation. Includes treatments from the Maui Manicure and Maui Royal Pedicure.



Eyelash Extensions $150

We also specialize in hosting bridal parties or any VIP events. We have a full staff of 

Child Services (11 and Under) 

Nail Art                                         $6 and Up​

Rhinestones                                  $7 and Up

Eyebrow                                                  $12

Lip                                                           $10

​Chin                                            $10 and Up

Full Face                                                  $35

Underarm                                    $20 and Up

Full Arm                                                  $35

Half Arm                                                 $25

Full Leg                                                   $55

Upper Leg                                               $25

Half Leg                                                  $30

Back                                            $45 and Up

Chest                                                       $35

Stomach                                                  $23 

Bikini                                                      $25 

Brazilian                                                  $50

The Maui Nail Bar offers a range of spa manicure, spa pedicure, waxing and facial services. We tailor our services to meet each individual's unique needs. Walk-ins are welcome or call to schedule an appointment.

Manicure                                                 $10

Pedicure                                                  $20

Manicure & Pedicure                              $28

Polish Change Hands                              $5

Polish Change Toes                                 $8

​professional nail technician to handle any group size.

Mani & Pedi Combo

Gell Shellac                                             $25

​Full Set Acrylics                                     $32

Acrylic Fill                                              $22

​Acrylic French Tip Full Set                    $37

Designer Tip Full Set                              $50

Gel Builder Liquid Full Set                     $50

Gel Builder Liquid Back Fill                  $35

Gel Builder French Liquid Full Set        $60

Gel Builder French Liquid Back Fill      $45

Gel Powder Full Set                                $40

Gel Powder Back Fill                              $30

Glitter Full Set                                         $55

Glitter Back Fill                                      $43

Pink & White Full Set                            $50 

Pink & White Back Fill                          $40 

Silk Wrap Full Set                                   $50

Silk Wrap Fill                                         $35 

​SOLAR Pink & White Full Set              $60 

SOLAR Pink & White Fill                     $45

French Tip                                               $6

Nail Repair                                              $6

Nail Removal Acrylic                             $12

Polish Change Hands                         $10/13

Polish Change Toes                            $12/15